Each of us would like to boast a flat belly, however, not everyone is ready for the systematic work on the training and in the kitchen. When the latter have to cope on their own, in the case of exercise you need to apply the policy, which will give you the best results. zero excuses.

14 minute workout Effects

On the Web you will find many ready-made training and individual exercises, however, the novice is hard to find in the terms used by more experienced people. If you are a beginner and you’re looking for a specific training on abdominal muscles then this is for you. You do not need to go out and spend entire days at the gym, to enjoy the beautiful body. If your goal is slender and shapely legs you can safely reach them, working out in the comfort of your home. Get a mat, water bottle and a towel and go to work. Prepared by Tracey training lasts 14 minutes workout. Consists of intensive exercises, which are mobilizing to work the whole body, but with the main focus on the thigh and calf-leg. You will feel that they are working and you’ll love it as much as I do. Before training take a short 5-minute warm up and cool down at the end. This workout is ideal as a supplement to the training. Remember to retain correct posture during each exercise. On http://www.nakedcomedyshowcase.com/ You read how to take care of your Silhouette.

American women call it rapid-fire training – when you’re in a hurry, when you don’t have the equipment and you cannot access to the fitness club … Short but intense set of exercises great will stimulate your metabolism, give you a dopamine boost and allow enough to engage the muscles that calories will leave and you, with regular repetition, you can gain a great, strong body.

A 14-minute workout

  • Fast Fat BurningMinute 1: by 60 seconds can stand in the position as if the pump – the body creates a straight line, straight hands are based on the floor, buttocks and stomach stapled.
  • Minute 2: not changing position jump feet first and then back again. Repeat for 60 seconds.
  • Minute 3: Stand back of the chairs and put both hands on the seat by holding it by the edges. Feet parted on width of pelvis. Zgnij legs until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Now lower your body down until the arms are parallel to the floor. Repeat by 60 seconds.
  • Minute 4: return to position benches (how to pump). Relying heavily on the shoulders of snap alternately left and right knee to the chest.
  • Minute 5: lie on your back and do an exercise bike-lift the upper body and legs, then connect the opposite knee with elbow. Abdomen you need to have all the time involved.
  • Minute 6: Do squats without leaving your knees out-of-line toe. When you’re at the bottom instead of lifting the body up jump out.
  • Minute 7: go back to the position of the pump and this time do it really pumps-normal or Womens op.101 lateral support on your lap).
  • Minute 8: Jump to the side of the legs on the leg each time by keeping your knee and waving his hands loosely in order to maintain balance.
  • Minute 9: Again the position of the benches. After the turn, bend each arm lay on the floor the whole forearm. Then the second, and then straighten one after the other.
  • Minute 10: take forward. Hands on hips, one leg goes as far as possible, before the knee; the other leg pressed a knee toward the floor without touching her. Repeat on both legs by 60 seconds.
  • Minute 11:60 minutes if you was jumping rope is a small, short, quick jumps.
  • Minute 12: lie on the floor and float straight leg up.
  • Minute 13: Standing do excavations in the air to the front.
  • Minute 14: Box with your hands in the air, using all his strength. Try to direct blows in a diagonally-left shoulder to the right.

What’s the secret?

Limited food, burning not only fat, but also weaker muscles. And it makes metabolic rate drops, because the body starts to conserve energy. As a result, lose more and more slowly.

To keep your metabolic rate at a high level, you need to exercise the muscles of the entire body. Add to that a diet rich in fat to smithereens created by fiber, and you will get great results in a short period of time. Take care also of the moisturizing and firming of the skin.

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