I am a former Athlete. Sport was part of my life ever since. I come from a sports family, in which everyone sooner or later hooked about physical Activity. Especially my sister, Anita, who was a great sprinterką and my greatest inspiration. It was she who brought me in the sixth grade of the primary school for athleticism and instilled in me a complete love for Sport.

My philosophy

A healthy life and being fit is not, however, something sacred to Me. Do not aspiruję to be fitmaniaczką. I don’t deny myself anything.

Do not despair and do not plague me remorse if I do not do a Workout. Sometimes it happens, right? I practice and eat healthy for myself and I approach it at Ease. In the end, we are people and not fit-robots. A healthy lifestyle is forever.

And just after it was made this blog. So that you, the reader, also understood that all this, all this being fit, healthy, efficient, Slim – All this can be accomplished without being strapped and unnecessarily remorse. Ba – A healthy lifestyle can be pleasant, and it’s very!

I put on Professionalism. I am a trainer who continues to educate, read, teach and absorb knowledge. I believe that a good coach is one who all the time wants to know more and does not be enthusiastic about anything. My workouts and diet are above all pleasant, safe and Effective.