What should I start with? This is the eternal problem of anyone who first appears in the gym. Aspiring person must remember a few basic factors that affect successful workout and help you avoid injury. Be sure! At the beginning of the best choice is to use the advice of more experienced person or personal trainer who works at the gym. It should show you how to perform the exercises and help the good advice. Later I will try to give examples of what needs attention adept gym.

Training – the three pillars, which must ensure that a beginner

first day at the gymYou have already decided to start strength training and you think that you just need to go to your first day at the gym or health club, eat, use supplements, and the results come the same? Nothing further from the truth. Of course, some will, but let’s say that you are ambitious and want to require more. What are the mistakes to avoid and how to make good use of the first phase of the training?

First do no harm

You do not want to be Mr. Olympia, probably also not feeling the need to have the title of the strongest man in the world. You don’t have to stand on the podium. You do not have a higher purpose for which it is worth to spend your health! The thought of training practice by training as a journey, not a race. Therefore, discard any controversial ideas from the head, instead take the time to “formalities”, not thought.

All decisions about doping, extreme diets, daily training, the suspects leave the supplements I used. Now start as it should be, go to the laboratory for basic research of the body to see if you do not exclude or hampering progress. Such testing is the cost of about a hundred pounds, you do not need to pick up, take five minutes and you can train even on the same day.

To build strength and physique, regardless of gender, you should be an efficient machine. If in certain hormones all game, right from the start, you can be sure that you enter with a clean card.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to scare you and say that it is absolutely necessary to begin road training. Simply worth it, because the potential benefits are huge in relation to the work, what you need to do. It’s nice to know that all game, or talk to a nutritionist or the result, which leaves a lot to be desired. In addition to the prevention of diseases of the potential of the body to the cast-on edge strength, muscle mass or reducing body fat, as well as carefully selected and well being.

If for some reason you can’t do this now, it quietly – in most cases you can start training, but the theme let matures somewhere at the back of the head and at the right time to do what you need.

Secondly not hurt in training

I am of the opinion, that way you can spend your first day at the gym in two ways – or go to a credible coach who will teach you the correct movement patterns, will select the correct exercises, excluding harmful, or try it yourself, in consultation with the physiotherapist. Here things get a little complicated. In theory, you can choose the exercise itself, try universal training plans and of course you do on this progress.

But since in the first place is health, it is worth while a few times to take advantage of joint training with a coach who already has the experience and knowledge gained during training and literature. Working with such a professional, easily learn movement patterns, proper breathing, you’ll learn what to look for in a given exercise, how to choose the easier and more difficult exercises depending on the encountered problems. Such a man rozpisze you training plan tailored to the purpose and health, and also will try to work with the underlying problems. In more severe cases, he will send you to a physical therapist.

The advantages of such solutions you see on many levels. Save time, maximize the effects instead of wandering and looking groping, as well as the peace of mind that everything is done as it should be. As I wrote earlier, a healthy body is a machine with the potential to do good!

The third pillar is regeneration

This issue includes everything you do in addition to training, and so the diet, supplementation, sleep, as well as additional methods, such as sauna, and of course non-workout days! So, too, are needed, but assume that you have already set a (or coach has determined), how many such breaks during the week will be.

Diet is the factor that most people spread out hands, and pulls out a white flag. And so does not have to be! Just like with exercise-if any exercise makes for very difficult, is not suited to training, that is to say, that it is too early for this particular variation of movement. That’s why you need to change it, make it easier. The same is true with nutrition. If the terms of the diet we overwhelm and at the beginning we feel that there is no chance of them meet, we’re burned right from the start. Therefore, you may want to consider working with a nutritionist, who not only will determine the US diet with adequate calories and macronutrients, will cover the need for vitamins and minerals, about saving money, and so would be released for supplementation, but first of all take care of it, you can eat all meals with taste!

Method of small steps – first we eat, what we like, but we already have some compromises, and we eat the right amount of calories and macronutrients. Then each month we implement more and healthier products. Anything for power!

With these three pillars you win at the Start. Research in the norm, and what, has been improved with a diet that is fun for you, not nuisance. You learn to exercise and gradually hinder your workouts, which you have planned for the next few months.

Of course I don’t want to frighten anyone here. You can act alone and have benefits in terms of improving your health and Silhouettes. Only everything will be slower, and you will be more prone to injuries-because you do not know all the aspects and conditions that specialists KNOW.

However, If you are a lone wolf or the staff of the specialists who work on you is for you too expensive for this moment, I recommend in depth and with good sources to learn exercises, to choose their easiest versions and only gradually implement those harder, return Attention to the way of breathing, the positioning of the pelvis and the blades, and in the diet inspire the guidelines and regulations from trustworthy Dietitians.

What training plan for the beginner

FBW, split, push/pull, upper/lower – are just Names. There is no division indicating that one would be only for beginners and another for Advanced. Spreading individual batches over the course of a week is more of a matter of adjusting your training to Life. If you can train on monday, Wednesday and friday, the ideal will be FBW because of the of self-training units and proper Regeneration. however, If you can only train from Monday to thursday, it will be better to practice alternating – once up, down or once, to push and the next time to Attract.

training plan for the beginner

What distinguishes training for beginners from advanced training is the selection of exercises and training Parameters. You will not start the adventure with the gym from the most difficult versions of exercises with a very heavy weight and an overwhelming number of series with very short breaks!

A sample training plan for the person who starts the fight with the weight, i’ll present BELOW. This is just an example that you can inspire, which can be considered a starting Point. This is a gender-independent version. And because of the advantages of FBW (average frequency, Most of the movement patterns in one Session) is ideal for Layman. It is a deployment, used to familiarize with exercises, pace, breathing, training Parameters. It’s not until you complete the exercise and add more, increase the weight and adjust the plan to your Goal.

Rules to keep on your first visit to the gym

Use the Towel

And basically the two: prepare for a shower after a workout, the other one take the room with YOU. Always put it on bench or you just before the start of the Exercise. It will be easier to keep it clean, and you save another questionable pleasure to contact you AFTERWARDS. And remember that it also works the other way.

Clean yourself

After the exercise, take a walk towards Dyspensora paper towels and a cleaning agent in spray. Return to the site and clean them from the traces of your usage. Note: This applies not only to benchess and mats, but also to the necks and raceways and orbitreka that your body has been in contact with (treadmill tapes do not clean, without exaggeration…).

Don’t be afraid to ask

Not exactly are you sure how to use this equipment, and the instructor just now had to indent somewhere? Let go of the method of trial and error, because you still do the Wrong. Ask for help the person who is closest to You-will certainly not refuse. By the way you can gain a companion/image to Exercise. The two always raźniej, right?

See and do not see

Mirrors suspended in fitness clubs are not to keep track of your progress. therefore, do not approach them and do not lift stealth T-shirts to see if six has jumped into its place. I don’t lustruj others because it’s naughty!

instead, go ahead and Spoglądaj in the mirror while doing the next exercises – yes, zgadłaś, they serve! – and check whether the correct technique is lose at any time, Eg. Do the knees do not go through squats off the toe line or if you are holding a straight back.

Do not talk on the phone

It would be best if you did not take it with you to the classroom, but we understand that you are using an application for interval training, or you are currently viewing a mobile version to squeeze even more from your exercises.

But before you go out of the locker room, mute your smartphone while you do the exercise do not answer and – remember just in case – don’t listen to the music loudly. Forgot headphones? well, your problem, you will have to be satisfied with what flies with the loudspeakers hung in the corners of the Hall.

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