On the internet, people have long divided into two camps: those who do not see the barbell and machines of another way to practice and those who from the sound upadającej weights much more prefer their mat, big ball and weight of their own body. So today the final solution of the Eternal conflict: Gym vs. exercise at home – What’s better?

I still meet with extreme opinions on the internet and it annoys me very much. We can never have a sentence in the middle, but always have to bet on one or the other end of the camp, eg. “weights are great, and training at home is bad”, or “the gym is hopeless and only the exercises at home make sense.”

Gym or exercise at homeThe truth is that both workouts can bring big benefits. And you should ask a question that doesn’t sound “what’s better?”, only “which one is for me?”

Training at home

Sometimes I get a question: Marta, is the training at home good? Does it count as a normal workout?

And my Hands Fall Down. What’s the difference between training at home from outdoor training or the fitness room? Nothing! If you are doing the right set of exercises, if you are actually giving all of yourself, then you are in a position to practice your home with brilliant results. and yes, too, you’re able to burn a ton of calories (for Some people it’s the most important thing in the world, so I say).


  • You can do it at any time,
  • ideal for beginners, who are ashamed of the exit to the gym,
  • some more to motivate when you don’t have anywhere to ride, and only expand mat
  • the variety of activities – we can practice both yoga and cardio, and at the end add tabatę,
  • contrary to appearances, despite the fact that we do not have surveillance, is less kontuzjogenny than a gym,

Practicing at home can anyone-regardless of their level of sophistication. Most, however, I would recommend it to individuals:

  • If you want to lose weight or simply be in form, firm body,
  • If you have problems with motivation,
  • If you’re bored,
  • If you do not have a lot of time,
  • if you are a novice or intermediate microeconomic

A gym

Saying “” I thought training weights and machines. If we go to the gym with his head, it is for everyone. However, I never recommend beginners exercise with load. If you decide to train at the gym then be sure to read this.

For whom is the gym:

  • If you want to increase muscle mass,
  • If motivates you at the gym training, and not at home,
  • If you like to watch your progress,
  • If you have the patience and you are able to get to the control technique,
  • If you are already a long time active and you need a new stimulus.

You do not have an incorrect opinion after this-at the gym, you can also lose weight. However, keep in mind several things:

  • do not exceed the load, if you are just starting out training. 90% of the people that I meet, perform basic exercises. Adding to the burden, not only that they are doing wrong, it is in addition to that end with the injury,
  • keep in mind that very often it seems to us that weight training burns more calories than it is in reality.
  • at the beginning of the train the whole body-not on individual lots,
  • for the first few workouts are best, if specialist showed you the technique of execution of the exercise.

The trainer will tell you the truth

Exercise at the gym or fitness club is primarily the opportunity to benefit from the advice of professional trainers. The instructor will correct You, when you perform the squat, will help to choose the exercises to your needs and answer your questions. What’s more, the trainer will motivate You when you’re going to want to give up and will help make five more repetitions.

Others practice so I also

Who once was a fitness classes or gym knows that there is a friendly atmosphere there. There’s nothing like training with people that have similar objectives and weaknesses. Now you want to give up, but you can see that a friend on the left will give you advice? The second man is usually the best motivator. At the gym you can make new friends and break away from the monotony of everyday life. Handshakes in the locker room, arranging for more activities and exchanging experiences on training will certainly help in the systematic.

Space and equipment

Gym Gym not equal, But if you are not the owner of the villa with a huge room for exercise, we assume that you will find on it better conditions for training than at Home. The fitness rooms are mostly equipped with mirrors for controlling individual exercises. You will also find all the equipment needed for classes, from kettli, through bosu, balls, steppes, to Mats. Some devices have a large footprint and do not belong to a cheap one, so not everyone can afford to buy Them. The gym is similar. The space is adapted to the safety standards, and the variety of equipment ensures effective training. Most gyms include cardio, power machines and free Weights. Some clubs also offer a sauna, massagers and vibrating Devices. In the gym you can also buy suitable supplements and use the advice on their use.

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