You want to tweak the metabolism and speed up digestion? Perfect for aerobic training, IE. cardio, but even better would be the intervals. Here are the exercises that you can perform in the form interwałowej. It works!

Work at maximum speed for 30 seconds, rest for 15 seconds and go on to the next exercise. After a series of rest a minute and start everything from the beginning. The whole thing take a minimum of 3 times. Training on the improvement of metabolism includes different versions of the plank (Board) is isometric exercises, which activates the muscles deep in the abdomen, as well as the arms, legs, back and spine. With a view to speeding up the metabolism is worth perform well: squats, push-ups and exercises with hantelkami. Just 10 minutes to pump up your metabolism!

improve metabolism exercises

What is metabolism

The metabolism of all the chemical reactions and transformations of energy in our body. This process is complicated and very many factors have on him. To specify the level of your metabolism you must first calculate the basic metabolism (PPM or. WMD), which shows how much your body will burn calories, if we do not do anything. Even when we were lying, and nothing we do our body expends energy for breathing, heart rate, muscle tension, body temperature and other processes that take place in our body regardless of our will.

If we add our all-day physical activity to the basal metabolic rate, we will receive a complete metabolic rate (CPM), which is a simplification of our METABOLISM.

Myth about metabolism

Very often we hear that szczupli people are lucky because they were born with fast metabolism, and people overweight blame their failure to lose weight on a lousy metabolism. It is true, however, that these people with higher weight have a faster metabolism than the slim ones. For example, a woman with a body weight of 59 kg has a basic metabolism at about a level of about 1385 kcal, While a woman of the same height and age, but weighing 105 kg has a basic metabolism of the HIGHER-CA. 1820 Kcal. additionally, The heavier person also burns more calories during physical activity, therefore, those with higher weight have a faster metabolism. of course, The genetic issue also affects metabolism, but the impact is much smaller than we think, so we shouldn’t attach too much weight to it. Either way, there are several ways to make our metabolism optimise.

Train intervals

Variable intensity interval accelerates metabolism during its duration and for some time after the body Regenerates. It is therefore worthwhile to incorporate physical activity into your daily ROUTINE. An example of an interval workout is a speed of 9 km/h for 30 seconds, followed by a march at a rate of 3 km/h for one minute (and so for about half an hour). This 14 minute workout is a great metabolism.

Lift weights

Weight lifting exercise requires metabolism, and this effect persists even to 39 (h) after the completion of training. This is due to the fact that the body uses more energy, which needs to regenerate powysiłkowej. You should, of course, remember to choose the load to our abilities and do not overdo it, so as not to cause injury.

Build muscles

Muscle tissue and fat differ from each other in terms of metabolic activity. More active metabolically is muscle tissue, which means that its higher content in our body will result in larger combustion of calories. Try to be active and exercise regularly, so that unwanted excess fat turned into a slender muscles.

Eat 5 meals a day

Sheer eating increases the metabolism, but does not depend on portion sizes, which is why you should not eat at once too much food. Eating 5 smaller meals is favourable in terms of metabolic syndrome than eating 3 times a day larger portions of food. In addition, too much interruption in food cause release of metabolism, because in this way the body defends itself against hunger and want to keep as much stored energy spending some 17% of the least. Eat so regularly. 3-4 hours small meals, and your metabolism will not hesitate.

Drink water

Regular drinking of water also has a positive effect on our metabolism, because often when we are dehydration we confuse feeling thirsty with a feeling of hunger and instead of the beverage we reach after Eating. Studies have also shown that drinking larger amounts of water than usual increases the metabolism and the daily energy Expenditure. It is therefore worth remembering the regular drinking of sufficient fluids, especially if you are physically Active.

Drink green tea

Studies have shown that green tea extract also speeds up metabolism. Drinking 3-5 cups of green tea per day allows you to burn an additional 70 kcal. In addition, it has been shown that green tea has the ability to inhibit the absorption of fat, which reduces the somewhat risk.

You are therefore not the victim of your metabolism! You can optimize it by making several modifications to your diet and training plan, which results in a faster weight loss in case of overweight and overall physical improvement.

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