A flat stomach is something that wants to have a majority of people, when only the approaching summer season. Because how else to wear short shirts and bikinis, if not the temperament or simply a flat belly? This challenge will help us ensure that our bellies and prepare them for summer!

abdominal muscles in 21 daysI like to work on belly fat – mainly because they come very quickly. The challenge will be based mainly on physical activity, but sell you a few tips to help you achieve a flat stomach.

Note: If you are overweight, you need to exercise will certainly include the appropriate diet and cardio. You, however, is not discouraged: flat abdomen may be at the end of each, one only need to try harder, and others a bit less. If you do not go, the most important thing is to not give up and after each fall. All of us have sins and tripping, so you give yourself the Council. What is the challenge?

Every 2 days we do exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles,

At least 2 times a week we do a cardio workout (min. 30 minutes)

We try to eat healthy,

We use such tricks as the food products with more fiber, linseed, regular meals, limit simple carbohydrates, sweets and alcohol,

Drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day!

Everyone is trying to get a hold of the task according to your possibilities. Each of us has a different level of motivation. Of course, I would urge you to try “box-ticking” all the points.

Excellent results in a short period of time

Six pack is something we all dream and we want to achieve, but sometimes it’s difficult for us to get to work. When we decide to work on the body party, usually we think that sit-ups are the best exercise. However, we are not always right. Some static exercises such as the “Board”, can be much more effective while working on the muscles of the abdomen.

You may think that the Board is a simple and easy exercise, but will make you more tired than after 100 push ups performed each day. The Board works not only on the muscles deep belly, but also strengthens the upper body. When you try, you’ll see that exercise causes intense muscle tension and provides excellent results in a short period of time.

Challenge Planka, as already mentioned, it takes 21 days and consists of different sets of exercises for each week:

Week one

In the first week you will need to keep your body in position for 30 seconds every day. When you begin, over time, you may feel the need to extend this time. In this situation, increase it to 60 seconds.

The second week

In the second week of the challenges simply add a tiny bit of effort. Time increases by 30 seconds. If in the first week it was basic 30 seconds now exercise should last for the entire minute. On the other hand, if you were to each other more demanding during the first 7 days of training, now is the time is the whole 90 seconds!

Week three

In this past week to add 60 seconds until run time, which gives 120 or 150 seconds challenges every day.

You’ll need to be persevering, motivated and do exercise every day, without interruption, if you want to be successful. If you feel that you are losing enthusiasm, think about how wonderful your belly will look in the near future. Be careful, this exercise is addictive. Good luck!

See the 7 most effective exercises for the abdomen

The trainer presents exercises for the abdominal muscles, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by scientific research. These are:

  1. push the legs towards the top
  2. raising the bent legs hanging on the stick
  3. an exercise bike
  4. plank (Board)
  5. short circuit of straightening the arms and legs
  6. push the weight upward in lying on the back
  7. crunches in lying on the ball
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